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  • 梅村祈祷文.投向大地
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    Bowing  to  the  earth


      In gratitude, I bow to all generations of ancestors in my blood family.    I see my father and mother, whose blood, flesh and vitality are in my own veins and nourishing every cell in me. Through them I see all four my grandparents whose expectations, experiences, and wisdom, have been transmitted from so many generations of ancestors. I carry in me the life, blood, experience, wisdom, happiness, and sorrow of all generations. The suffering and all the elements that need to be transformed, I am practicing to transform. I open my heart, flesh, and bones to receive the energy of insight, love, and experience transmitted to me by all my ancestors. I see my roots in my father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, and all ancestors.
      I know that I am only the continuations of this ancestral lineage. Please support, protect, and transmit to me your energy. I know wherever there are children and grandchildren ancestors are also there . I know that parents always love and support their children and grandchildren, although they are not always able express it life based on gratitude, joy, confidence, respect, and loving kindness. As a continuation of my ancestors, I bow deeply and their energy to flow through me. I ask my ancestors for their support, protection, and strength.  
      感激历劫父母,我顶礼:  我看到我的父母,他们的血液、骨肉和生命力在我的脉搏中流动,滋养了我的每一个细胞。透过他们,我看到我的祖先把他们的期望、经验和智慧代代传承下来。我背负着历劫祖先的生命、血液、经验、智慧、快乐与忧伤,我试着把应该转化的痛苦与元素转化,我敞开心胸接受祖先传给我的爱、经验与能量,透过历劫父母,我看到了我的根源。  我知道我只是这个传统的接续者,请把你们的能力传给我。我知道父母总是爱而且支持他们的子孙,有时虽然因时空阻隔而无法传达。我看到我的祖先试着建立一种植基于爱、自信、喜悦、尊重和感激的生活方式。做为一个传承者,我深深顶礼,祈求历劫父母给我支持、保护并赐予力量。
      In gratitude, I bow to all general of ancestors in my spiritual family.  I see in my teacher, the one who has shown me the way of love and understanding, the way to breathe, smile, forgive and live deeply the present moment.Through my teacher, I see other teachers who have contributed to my development. I see the teachers of my ancestors and I seeBuddhist teachers. My teachers do not only go back to Buddha but to the Prophets, Jesus Christ, and the spiritual tradition which  was in my ancestors before the coming of Christianity.The energy of all generations of ancestral teachers has entered me and is creating peace, joy, understanding and loving kindness in me, I know that the energy of our spiritual teachers has transformed the world deeply. Without these spiritual teachers I would not know the way to practice to bring peace and happiness into my life and into the life and into the lives of my family and society. I open my heart  and my body to receive the energy of understanding, loving kindness and protection from the awakened teachers, the teachings of truth and the community of practitioners, I am a continuation of the awakened teacher, the teachings of truth and community of practitioners. I ask my spiritual ancestors to transmit to me their infinite source of energy, peace, stability, understanding and love. I shall practice to transform the suffering in myself and the world and to transmit the energy of my spiritual family to future generations of practitioners.      感谢历劫师长,我顶礼:在我身上我看到我的老师,曾经教导我爱和谅解,教导我呼吸、微笑、宽恕的方法,让我能自在活在当下。透过老师,我了解其他师长们也曾对我的成长奉献过心力。我看到祖先们的师长。不只回溯到佛陀时代,更早在基督教以前的先知,耶稣等,也曾在心灵的传统给我们启发。历代师长的教导为我注入了宁静、喜悦、了解和爱,我知道师长们对于人类心智的传承,对世界的影响非常深远。没有这些师长,我将不知道如何把自在和喜悦带到生活中,带如家庭和社会。我敞开心胸接受这些开悟的师长的指导,我恳请师长们传承给我他们无尽的喜悦的源泉,让我体悟自在慈悲与喜悦。我将转化自身与众生都离苦得乐,把的自于历劫师长的教导传给未来的世代子孙。
      In gratitude, I bow to this land all the ancestors who it available. I see that I am whole, protected and nourished by this land  and by all the living beings who have been here and  have made life easy and possible for me,I see and all others known and unknown who by their talent, perseverance and love have made this country a place where people fo many origins can live, I see those who have worked hard to build schools, hostitals, bridges adn roads; to protect human rightsl, to develop science and technology in a compassionate way, and to fight for freedom and social justice. I see myself touching my acestors of origin who have lived on this land for such a long time. I see those acestors who have known how to live in peace and harmony with nature; protecting the mountians, forests, animals, vegetation and minerals of this land, I feel the energy of this land penetrating my body  and soul, supporting and accepting me. I vow to cultivate and maintain this energy and transmit it to future generations. I vow to contribute in transforming the violence, hatred, and delusion that still lie deep in the collective consciousness of this society so that future generations will have mors safety, joy and peace. I ask this land for its protection and support.    感谢这块大地,我顶礼:我知道我整个人都是靠这块大地的保护与滋养,由于众生才使得我的生存变得轻松而可能,所有知名无名的人,借助他们的才能、毅力和爱心才使得大地变成适合人居的处所。 我看到许多人努力工作,兴建学校、医院、桥梁,为自由与社会公正而奋斗。我看到我与先民的接触,他们曾经住在这块土地上这么久,他们知道如何与大自然和平共处,保护这块土地上的山林、树木、动植物和矿物。我感觉到大地的能量穿透我的身心,支持我、接受我,我誓愿要培养并维持这个能量传给下一代。我誓愿转化现代社会仍存在的暴力、仇恨与欺骗,让下一代有更多的安全、喜悦与和平。祈求大地给我支持和保护。
    In gratituge and compassion I bow dowm and transmit my energy to those I love.All the energy I have received I now want to transmit to my father, my mother and everyone I love who has suffered and worried because of me and for my sake. I know I have not been mindful enough in my daily life. I also know that those who love me have had their own difficulties. They have suffered because they were not lucky enough  to have had their own difficulties. They have suffered because they  were not lucky enough to have an environment that encouraged their full development. I transmit my energy to my mother, my father, my brothers, my beloved ones, my husband, my wife, my children so that their pain will be relieved and they can smile and feel the joy of being alive. I want all of them  to be healthy and joyful, I know that when they are happy I shall also be happy. I no longer feel resentment toward any of them. I pray that all anecstors in my blood and spiritual families will focus their energies toward each of them to protect and support them. I know that I am not separate from them, I am one with those I love.    感激历劫六亲眷属,我顶礼: 我已经接受了所有的能力,我今回向给父母,他们曾为我受苦、担忧。我知道我在日常生活中不够念念分明,我也知道那些爱我的人他们有自己的困难,由于不够幸运以致他们无法拥有一个能充分发展的环境,我将尽力回向父母、兄弟姊妹、妻儿子女,原六亲眷属都健康快乐。我知道当他们都快乐时我也快乐,我不再对他们有任何怨恨,我祈求历劫父母师长也能眷顾六亲眷属,保护他们,支持他们,我知道我与六亲眷属是一体,分不开的。
    In understanding and compassion I bow dowm to reconcile with all who have made me suffer. I open my heart and send forth my lives of love and ubderstanding to everyone who has made me suffer even if they dsetroyed much of my life and lives of those I love. I know that these people have undergone a great deal of suffering  and that their hearts are overloaded with pain, anger and hatred. Anyone who has suffered as much as they have will make others suffer. I know that they have been unlucky and may never have been cared for and loved. Life and society have dealt them many hardships. They have been wronged and abused. They have not been guided in the path of mindful living and have many wrong perceptions about life. I pray to my ancestors in my blood and spiritual families to channel to the people who have made me suffer, the energy of love and protection, so that their hearts will be able to receive the nectar of love and blossom like a flower. I pray that they can be transformed so that they can experience the joy of living and so that they do not continue to make themselves and others suffer. I see their suffering and do not want to see it continue any longer. I do not want to hold any feelings of hatred or anger in myself toward them. I channel my energy of love and understanding to them and ask all my ancestors to help them.   感谢历劫冤亲债主,我顶礼:我敞开心胸释放出爱与谅解的能量,回向给历劫冤亲债主,他们曾经使我痛苦,甚至杀害我、剥夺我至爱的人的生命。我知道他们已经经历了许多折磨,他们的心承担着太多的痛苦、愤怒与怨恨,任何人像他们一样承受如此多的磨难,也会把痛苦加诸于人。我知道他们已经很不幸了,不能够受到照顾、得到别人的爱。生活与社会给他们如此艰困他们已经错了而且也被咒骂了,但他们还没有被指引到生活的正道上。